IndiMex Ingredients

The IndiMex Ingredients

The IndiMex Mool Mantra is simple:
“Always produce the best quality of food”


The Secret IngredientThe Secret Ingredient (Ssh, don’t tell!)

Want to know the secret ingredient used in all the dishes here at IndiMex? Love! That’s right. All mushy, warm and fuzzy, nervous butterflies… love! Chef GJ pours so much love and passion into his cooking that he won’t settle for second best. Ever! There are no compromises when it comes to his food and he insists on only using the best ingredients. Here are just some of the top notch ingredients we embrace:


To ensure the chicken melts in your mouth, we marinate it overnight in our secret smoky tandoori marinade (and no, that is one secret ingredient we won’t be sharing), then roast it in our tandoori oven to absolute perfection. (Used in our Butter Chicken, Mango Chicken and Chicken Korma.)


Want to know why our guacamole tastes so good? We prepare a batch of 20 of the tastiest avocados with the freshest cilantro, tomato, crushed garlic, chopped onions and jalapeno paste to ensure our guacamole is 100% perfect every time it leaves the kitchen.

Makhani BaseMakhani Base

How do you make the best makhani sauce in town? Here’s how… you use the finest tomato paste, thickened cream, butter, fresh ginger and garlic paste with sweet paprika and dry fenugreek, all simmered to the right consistency and taste and… ta-da! (It sounds amazing because it is amazing.)

Saag BaseSaag Base

Our famous saag base is a fabulous combination of spinach cooked in ghee with nothing but the freshest herbs and spices. It is truly saagtastic!


When it comes to all of our lamb dishes only the choicest leg will do! But it doesn’t stop there; Chef GJ then takes it upon himself to dice each and every cut – just another example of his passion and commitment towards delivering the highest quality food.


Nothing but the best at IndiMex! (Of course!) To ensure we consistently maintain our reputation for quality, we use only tenderloin goat fillets to produce delicious curries that are full of lip-smacking goodness.

SteakSteak (for Fajita)

It’s all about choices, and when it comes to choosing our steak at IndiMex we always make the right one. How, you ask? Easy! We simply take 30-day grain-fed Black Angus beef and then make the choicest cuts of sirloin steak. We simply can’t go wrong.


Here at IndiMex we use premium grade flour and corn tortillas to produce authentic flavours that simply don’t compare.

Home Ground SpicesHome Ground Spices

The term ‘daily grind’ takes on a completely new meaning at IndiMex, thanks to Chef GJ who grinds his own spices every week. As always, GJ takes pride in carefully selecting and using various blends and spices including cumin, coriander, turmeric, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, black pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika – which are amongst the most commonly used.