Service with a Smile


I think a lot of people out there would agree what a huge difference it makes when you receive genuinely good service. We’re not talking about someone walking around with a fake smile on their face and that annoying high-pitched voice. Pretending that they want to be there, but really, you can see they are dying on the inside, they have checked their phone more times than they have checked on your table and your glass has been empty for half n hour.

Doesn’t it make a huge difference when you receive genuinely good service? Not the insincere kind of service given by wait staff with fake smiles and high-pitched voices. The word ‘hospitality’ means everything to us at IndiMex! It’s what we’re all about. In India, the expression is “a guest is God” and our staff enjoy helping our customers to feel welcome and valued. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our team who consistently earns glowing reviews time after time from happy customers for his exceptional service and outstanding barista skills: Manni, our Restaurant Manager.

We thought it was about time we let everyone get a closer, more personal look at our star employee. 

Manni travelled to Australia from India four years ago in pursuit of his career in hospitality management. His positive attitude shone brightly from the very start and Chef GJ soon took him under his very experienced wing.  GJ taught him the tricks of the trade in a way that made things fun. It helped Manni stay motivated and it encouraged him to do his best in everything he does. Today, Manni is a wonderful mentor, role model, and friend to all the staff. He has been with IndiMex for nearly three years and his positive attitude has rubbed off on all the staff and customers. You may have experienced this for yourself.

When we asked Manni about what makes him smile at work, he simply replied: “Life is too short to be sad. Helping people have a good experience makes me happy.” Don’t you wish more people had that sort of attitude?

Some other interesting facts about Manni are:

  • He’s vegetarian and his favourite IndiMex dish is the vege Fajitas.
  • In his spare time, he likes to be social and surrounds himself with good people.
  • And ladies … he’s single!

Put my word to the test and come and experience Manni’s exceptional service for yourself while indulging in our delicious Indian-flavoured food served Mexican-style. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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