Can a Burrito be Good for You?

Can a Burrito be Good for You?

It’s pretty fair to say that over the years, the humble burrito has gotten a bit of a bashing about being unhealthy and causing weight gain. Well, hold the boat, ‘cause we have some news for you. While they may not come under the category of ‘health food’, they’re actually not the evil junk food you may have been led to believe! (At least not at IndiMex.)

Now you’re probably thinking “This is crazy; it’s way too delicious to be good for me!” But Amigo, sit back and read on as I explain the impressive list of health benefits offered by the ingredients we put in our IndiMex Burritos!

Let’s start with the spices we use. The hot ones, in particular, contain phytochemicals that may help ward off cell damage associated with some diseases. Next, take turmeric. It’s known to be extremely beneficial as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and digestive aid. Cumin aids indigestion, nausea and morning sickness and hear this; it’s also used to fight the cold! Fennel seeds remove congestion and help relieve stomach cramps and headaches, and did you know the common onion reduces high blood pressure and alleviates symptoms of asthma and colds? This list could go on and on as we combine over 13 beneficial spices to create the perfect, delicious burrito. All this aside, we top off ours with zesty salsa made from fresh tomatoes, and guacamole made from real avocados! Right there you have a good dose of Vitamin C and healthy fats.

Some may argue the cheese on top is unhealthy – and we can leave it out if you prefer – but don’t let a little bit of dairy restrict you from that amazing feeling you get when biting into a delicious IndiMex Burrito. That belly-warming, mouth-watering taste sensation that has you smiling from ear to ear!

All hail the Burrito!