Have Your Meal Your Way at IndiMex

Have Your Meal Your Way at IndiMex

At IndiMex, we’re all about keeping customers happy. And sometimes that means customising a dish just how the customer likes it. No, we’re not trying to be that burger chain, but we do agree with them that you should be able to have your meal to suit yourself.

For most people, customising might be about avoiding vegetables they don’t like or adding extra heat, sauce or cheese. For some, it’s about food allergies or intolerances and we are more than happy to accommodate these issues. Keep in mind though that the IndiMex kitchen is not a gluten FREE environment. We’re gluten-friendly and that’s a big deal for a lot of people.

Our curries are all gluten free but some contain sugar. Some contain dairy and of course there’s also the issue of meat for some people. We also have amazing salads, soups and steaks and don’t forget, if you’re gluten free, you can still enjoy our Nachos or Enchiladas! They’re made with corn tortillas … arriba!!

But for others, it’s about a serious dietary commitment they’ve made and if they can’t go out and enjoy a ‘diet-safe’ meal that’s presented happily before them, customised so they can truly enjoy it, then staying committed can feel pretty miserable. We have customers who are Paleo, Primal, Low Carb High Fat and all manner of other interpretations. That’s ok! We may not have Chef Pete Evans in the kitchen but Chef GJ is a dab hand at creating flavour with whatever ingredients he can use. So if you don’t want gluten or grain in your food, we’ll let you know the dishes to avoid, or we’ll adjust a dish to suit you.

We also have regular customers who are vegan and we’re delighted to prepare for them special dishes that have absolutely no animal products in them. No dairy, no meat at all.

It’s important to us at IndiMex that you ask your wait person whatever you need to know. They’ll often make terrific suggestions that will bring a smile to your face. And if you have food allergies, by all means, speak up and we will look after you.

Coffee with cream? Sure! Extra coconut milk in your curry? You’ve got it! Jalapenos pressed through your naan? Yeah, baby!!

So, what can we help you with to make your day and please your tummy?