IndiMex featured in Inside Retail Magazine!

IndiMex featured in Inside Retail Magazine!

IndiMex was recently featured in Inside Retail Magazine. Click here to view the original article in all it’s original techni-colour glory, or read it below:

Mexican trend steps up a notch


One of the latest culinary offers aligned with the experiential trend is IndiMex. Owned by international chef, GJ Singh, this Brisbane cafe and restaurant features fusion fare described as ‘funky Indian with a Mexican twist’. Burritos, enchiladas, nachos, and chimichangas are combined with Indian flavours.

“We all use flat breads, lots of chillies, lots of spices, lentils, beans,” Singh said. A specially created coffee blend features Indian and Mexican beans.

Appreciating that Indian cuisine shouldn’t be limited to one region, Singh has concentrated on doing something unique; and Indian and Mexican cuisines have natural synergies, Singh believes.

“There are many herbs, spices, and flavours that are equally at home on the Indian palate as the Mexican palate. Also, the breads and rice accompaniments, and the convivial, communal atmosphere of sharing a meal in India or Mexico are in common,” he said. “Here in Australia, the dining public adores both cuisines so to combine them simply made perfect sense.”

The investment in brand creation and brand building has paid off in its popularity, Singh believes, having had a knock on effect in word of mouth and resulting in only below the line advertising being required. Email broadcasts and a customer loyalty program are also proving to be useful marketing tools.

“We are collecting the data to engage with customers,” said Singh. “I’m very passionate about creating a brand, it is not a product that I am selling. I want to give a more experiential feel so when customers come in, they enjoy not only the product but also the entire experience.”

The concept is now looking at expansion. “I have had a number of customers ask if it is franchise – I take it as a huge compliment. “We are putting in the building blocks. You need passion. That comes from the right people and the right training.”