IndiMex on Channel 7’s The Great South East

IndiMex on Channel 7’s The Great South East

We were totally excited and delighted recently to appear on Channel 7’s The Great South East! How did it happen? IndiMex fans come from all places!

A couple of months ago, Fiona, the show’s producer was dining at IndiMex. She instantly became a fan of the food, the décor and the lively atmosphere and thought it’d make a fabulous subject for a Great South East segment. Chef GJ was contacted by the production team of Channel 7 to arrange the shoot.

The day rolled around and Fiona and the camera crew arrived at IndiMex, complete with the very personable and funny Alistair MacLeod, TV chef extraordinaire and dedicated promoter of Brisbane’s restaurant scene. As a veritable institution himself, Alistair is well known for his appearances on national program Ready, Steady Cook and his own show Off The Eaten Track. And now, as a regular presenter on The Great South East, he can continue to showcase some extraordinary food outlets, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Chef GJ was in his element, basking in the hot glow of the TV lights, eager to introduce Alistair – and in turn, the viewers – to his beloved IndiMex. The two chefs chewed the fat, so to speak, over the burners and grillers and Alistair prised plenty of secrets out of Chef GJ about how he came to hit upon the idea of “funky Indian with a Mexican twist”. And wouldn’t you know it? Chef GJ spilled! (But we’re quite sure that Alistair has enough of his own secrets up his sleeve and won’t be opening an IrishMex or IndiOz any time soon!)

As you’d expect, the crew were treated to a spread of table-groaning, belly-filling yumminess. The comments ranged from “This is awesome!!” to “My tastebuds will never be the same again. You’ve ruined me for life!” and even “We’ll be back to film another segment any day now!”

On the evening of Sunday 31st August, the show went to air and we all jumped up and down with excitement. Chef GJ was his charming and professional self and, might we say, definitely has a face for TV! (Celebrity chef spot one day?)

The moment the segment ended, the phone started ringing off the hook! Reservations practically wrote themselves up in the book, we had dozens of people turn up for a table and we all had the best time riding the wave of celebrity!

We would all like to thank everyone who responded so wonderfully to the Great South East segment and began following us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, we received many kind comments from regulars such as:

Andrew Viney: “About time you guys are recognized! Been going there since day one and love it!”

As soon as we are provided with a way to post the segment online for others to see, we will do so and let you know via social media.

By the way, the program will be re-shown on Saturday 6th September on Channel 7TWO at around 12-12.30pm (start times vary).

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