Super Dooper New Stuff Happening at IndiMex in May

Super Dooper New Stuff Happening at IndiMex in May

May is IndiMex’s birthday month, and to celebrate, we have TONS of new, dizzying stuff happening for you to taste, see and enjoy!!Nothing ever stays the same … we count on it! We never let things get stagnant and boring at IndiMex. Chef GJ’s creativity is always ‘on’ (even when he’s sleeping, he reckons) so he constantly comes up with funny, novel, imaginative ways to enliven the IndiMex experience. And with May being the big celebration of our FIRST BIRTHDAY, we have lots in store for you. Here’s what’s coming up in May.

Craft beers

Oh yes indeedy!! For those of you who like a bit of froth on your golden beverage, Chef GJ has been talking with craft beer reps and we’ll be introducing some dazzling new beers for you to try very soon. How does a new pilsener, a new lager and a new pale ale sound? Oh and what about an IndiMex signature beer? We’ll get back to you on that one. And we may even just have a beer on tap for you beerophiles to celebrate. But never fear, we still have all the usual suspects in our fridges, as well as imported Mexican and Indian beers of course!


Ever heard of a Lagerita? How ‘bout a Vodquila? Well not only will you be hearing about them, you’ll be able to drink them! Keep watching our Facebook page for news of their arrival.

Hot stuff gets hotter

Some like it hot, some like it volcanic. Frankly, we’re pretty proud of how hot our customers like their dishes. It speaks volumes about the adventurous palates out there and we love to welcome them in to IndiMex. But check this out. We’re working on some mysterious new chilli products that are bottled with our very own IndiMex labels. Yes yes yes, you’ll be able to add a little warmth to your meal if that’s all you can handle, or you can step it up a coupl’a notches. OR, if you REALLY think you can handle it … well! Have you heard of the Carolina Reaper? Boooooy howdy!! Named the world’s hottest chilli pepper by Guinness World Records in 2013, it averages a 1,569,300 on the Scoville scale and even gets up to over 2,200,000 units! And you, dear customer, will be able to sample it for yourself … if you dare!

Available in:

  • Habanero BBQ Sauce (Medium)
  • Scotch B Pepper Sauce (Hot)
  • Blazing Saddles Chilli Sauce (Hot)
  • Reaper Pepper Sauce (Extreme)
  • Scorpion Pepper Sauce (Extreme)

Oh, and during May, takeaway orders of $100 value will receive 1 bottle of their choice (mild, medium, hot, super hot) absolutely free!

Cake cabinet makeover

You know, IndiMex has various incarnations throughout the day and at morning and afternoon tea times, we’re quite the cool little café! We confess though that til recently, our cake cabinet has been, hmmm, somewhat mediocre, even though the contents are absolutely scrumptious. But we’re going to elevate it a few notches to brilliance and even get our own signature indulgent cake so stay tuned because we want to cake-ify YOU!

Coffee beans to take home

Our customers LOVE our coffee! And we couldn’t be happier because Chef GJ put a lot of heart into commissioning the IndiMex signature blend. He engaged Brisbane roasters Dancing Bean to come up with the perfect blend of premium Indian monsoon beans and Mexican beans. Nutty, creamy and smooth, it’s exclusive to IndiMex but very soon you’ll be able to take it home in 250g bags o’beans.

New menu items

Chef GJ has been toiling over some new menu possibilities for breakfast and lunch and they’re yummy!! It’s been very heartening to see that our customers have embraced the IndiMex speciality dishes … and now there’ll be more of them! We’ll announce the newbs during May. Watch out for them on Facebook.

First birthday

We’re so excited! IndiMex is celebrating its first birthday in May and given that the opening date was so close to the 5th May, we’re holding a massive Cinco de Mayo celebration on that evening. It’s a VIP event but we’re going to give you plenty of chances to score yourself an invite. Share our Facebook page, interact on it, talk to us, post your photos and reviews, and we’ll tell you very soon how it will tie in with our celebrations.

Phew!! That was exhausting!! But now is not the time for a siesta because we have way too much to do, to bring you, our wonderful customers lots of new and exciting foods, drinks and fun.

If reading this post has made your tummy rumble, get on the phone and dial 3394 1000. Book your table or order your takeaway now! See you soon!