Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (and the Bacon) at IndiMex!!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (and the Bacon) at IndiMex!!

Our esteemed Chef GJ, owner and creator of IndiMex has gone to great lengths to make it an overall amazing experience. Now while many Aussies are not accustomed to the thought of an Indian or Mexican style breakfast, for Chef GJ, it was important to welcome customers from the very first meal of the day. So while there are Indian and Mexican-infused brekky dishes, there is also an abundance of delicious traditional breakfasts that Aussies usually favour. That is … until they try the IndiMex specialties and become fans!

But more on breakfast later…


GJ always understood the importance of a good coffee, rather than just serving up any regular brand. He wanted to create that extra point of difference at IndiMex and the best way he could see to do it – as concerns coffee – was to commission an exclusive blend that he could call his own. The result is IndiMex Special Blend. After much research and shopping around among coffee roasters, GJ was so impressed with the crew at Brisbane roasters Dancing Bean Espresso, skilfully owned and managed by Rob Mergard, that it was ultimately the only logical choice.

Indian/Mexican/Colombian coffee created by a
Japanese man and served by an Indian in Australia!
Even our coffee has a quirky sense of humour!

Dancing Bean’s Master Roaster, Naoyuki Kitajima (Nao for short) is a Japanese expat who has lived in Brazil on his family’s farm. He started drinking coffee at age seven and has been addicted ever since. Today, he is a veritable authority on coffee and if there’s anything he doesn’t know, then it’s probably not worth knowing!

Nao was briefed about IndiMex’s culture and he set about researching the beans he would use to create the blend. The result is a smooth, mild blend of ‘Indian Monsoon Malabar AA’ and ‘Mexican Kassandra Special’ beans. Nao was passionate about taking into considerate the unique blend of Indian and Mexican cuisines and came up with a mild coffee with minimal acidity but with the full body of a Colombian bean.

For GJ, IndiMex Special Blend is a triumph. He never could understand why Indian coffee – well recognised as some of the best in the world – was not more widely embraced. As a born-and-bred Indian, he wanted to bring his homeland’s coffee to Australian tastebuds and of course, also wanted to introduce Mexican coffee at the same time.

“I love the fact that we can offer our customers something exciting, something new that they haven’t tried before,” GJ explained. “India produces an enormous amount of coffee and it’s of incredible quality. I’m very proud of what Nao and Dancing Bean have created and couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Breakfast is served

Meanwhile, customers are discovering the IndiMex way of brekky … come in, sit down, enjoy the coffee and choose from a menu of traditional and more exotic breakfast options. The upbeat music is the perfect accompaniment to start customers’ days off with energy and a wonderful mood and of course, IndiMex’s vibrant décor and ambience are responsible for many instant smiles.

Bacon and egg lovers can get their fix in a number of ways. There’s Eggs Benedict with bacon or salmon, simple bacon and eggs on toast and eggs however you like them; fried, scrambled or poached.

“A little spice in the morning makes your whole day happier and healthier!”
Chef GJ Singh

GJ encourages customers to be a little more adventurous with his delicious Bombay Benedict Brekkie (Eggs Benedict with chicken tikka slices, curried hollandaise sauce and daal makhani). Or there’s IndiGrande, a scrummy breakfast creation that would do any truckie proud! It features sizzling bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms, chorizo, hash brown, tomato, toast and daal makhani. Better call off lunch and dinner after that one!

The Mex Masala Omelette is loaded with flavour courtesy of coriander and some nice, warming salsa, served with parathas (buttery, flaky Indian flat bread). Or choose the IndiMex Brekkie which features potato bhaji, scrambled eggs or a masala omelette, served with parathas.

Pancakes are seriously good at IndiMex. Thick and fluffy, they’re stacked and served with cream, ice cream, fresh strawberries and maple syrup. We challenge you to get through a whole serving!!

“The pancakes are a-maaaazing! That’s why we come every week and order them!”
Customer: Caroline, Fig Tree Pocket

For those of you who prefer something a little lighter, you can go for toast with jam, marmalade or Vegemite, thick sliced raisin toast or a delicious, fresh fruit salad.

Now back to the coffee, naturally it goes exceptionally well with any breakfast dish you choose. But if tea or juice are more your thing, we have those too. Oh and you must try our IndiMex Masala Chai … it’s made in the tradition of the skilled chai walla, the Indian gentleman who travels around his city or town with spices, milk and tea, creating the perfect blend for his devoted customers. A bit like GJ, really and his IndiMex Special Blend of coffee!

Come and enjoy breakfast at IndiMex any day of the week. We’re open from 7am and serve brekky until 10am.